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Joshua James B.A., M.S.W.
Certified Professional Coach

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A Life Coach can help you find real happiness


Did you have a recent break up? Are you feeling alone? Do you ever think you won’t ever be happy again? If this is you, a certified professional life coach using positive psychology can help.

Everyone is faced with choices in life. Some work out, while others don’t. Everyone goes into a serious relationship expecting to go the distance.  Although true for some couples, it can be devastating to those who don’t make it. A life coach can help.

People who are hurting inside can inadvertently perpetuate their solitude. Do I want to meet someone or should I stay home because it’s too soon? If the pain wins, you’re unhappy. Happiness is a choice that you make and your life coach can help.

Sometimes, a person’s confidence is hindered because of their recent break up. This is far more reaching than just relationships. A lack of confidence can discourage someone from taking a necessary professional risk to get that promotion. It can prevent you from fully realizing your potential. A life coach can help you overcome that obstacle.


What is a life coach?

Merriam Webster defines a coach as “a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer.”

A life coach focuses on enhancing the happiness of their client, rather than a sport. Instead of focusing on how you throw the ball or how you position your feet while at bat, a life coach talks about your relationships. The life coach helps you find your own path to happiness.

The life coach develops a good relationship with the client and helps them through troubled times. Maybe you reached a crossroad in your life that will directly affect your happiness and you need to talk about it with someone, a life coach can help.


Do I have to come to your office?

No, I coach my clients over the phone. This enables me to help people anywhere in the United States. Some people may believe that it’s more impersonal to conduct sessions over the phone. In reality, it can facilitate the discussion because it seems like you are talking to an old friend who cares.


What is positive psychology?

Psychology Today defines positive psychology as “the scientific study of what makes life most worth living.” As a life coach, I use these methods to achieve the greatest results. Since starting my practice over thirty years ago, I have had a lot of success using this methodology.


I never heard of life coaches before. Are they legitimate?

Life Coaches are a growing method of delivering much needed aid to people. To become a Certified Profession Life Coach that meets the International Coach Federation Standards, you have to meet several strict qualifications. After you finish your 125 hours of coach specific training, you need to get 750 hours of life coaching experience. That’s just the beginning.


Who am I?

I am Joshua James B.A., M.S.W., a Certified Professional Life Coach. I started my career as a psychotherapist with over thirty years of experience. In recent years, I also became a Certified Professional Life Coach from the Express School of Life Coaching. Unlike other life coaches, I have training and experience in psychology and as being a life coach. My full spectrum of experiences allow me to help my client achieve their personal life goals.

If you could use some help getting through a recent break up or divorce, I am here for you.

If you are seeking happiness and having trouble finding it, I can help.

I deeply care for all of my clients and I want to help you.

Joshua James B.A., M.S.W. C.P.C.                                 

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